About me

(...aka "Thanks Mum! You're the best!")

I've been coding since 1987 when I was about the age of 6.

While I did get access to some of the latest console systems, money didn't grow on trees! For Christmas one year, I received an Atari 800 XL with a cassette deck. This was back when my mother and I lived in Marie Curie Ave.

I felt so fortunate. And this was way cooler than those stupid Master Systems that were lurking around at the time. I mean, they were just too easy! Plug in a cartridge and jump around. Where was the challenge in that?

The Atari demanded an understanding of basic program loading and state management. Cue the sound of tape data saving/restoring, learning the critical skill of taping up the cassette 'write hole', and pressing play and record buttons at the same time. After learning to load and save programs through the acoustics of bauds, I noticed there was a small instruction manual. Enter stage left: Microsoft BASIC.

Anyway, enough reminiscing...

From age 20 to the present day is a bit of a blur... but it goes along the lines of...

Some of these are big wrappers for things like Entity Framework and SignalR.

Then there is all the experience with SQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, OracleDb, Bamboo, Git, SVN, JIRA...

Add to this life-long learning of code patterns and architectures (up to and including practical Microservice patterns), and all the different feature development practices (Waterfall, Agile, SCRUM, Kanban, TDD, FDD).

I did a good stint in physical networking that I'm happy to forget about. vNETs rule!

I've sure missed at least a dozen other technologies, but I would say these are the highlights.

What's next?