Throughout my 18+ years of career in IT, I have been fortunate enough to always work in a multi-disciplined role. I am an IT professional at the core with strong expertise in cloud-native application development and significant experience in business management and professional consulting.

I am an expert .NET developer with a solid track record in the design, development, and delivery of enterprise-grade software solutions. I continuously embrace new technology and architectures and have delivered many proof-of-concept projects. I am a certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert and an Azure DevOps Engineer Expert.

I have recruited and managed teams of developers and consultants. I adopt a visionary management style, whilst also ensuring I set a productive pace. I enjoy mentoring those around me and driving a supportive team culture. I lead by example and example those who lead.

In addition to my technology experience, I have over 10 years of consulting. Mainly working with external clients and senior stakeholders to understand their business goals and operating conditions so as to devise solutions that can provide immediate and long-term ROI. For several years, I was a key contributor to a Subject Matter Expert forum for Oil & Gas Asset Management Excellence.

Through my combined experience as a Software Developer, Manager, Architect, and Consultant, I have developed strong leadership and business skills including Strategic Planning, Financial Management, Risk Management, Change Management, Global Orientation, and Tactical Operations. I have been internally coached as a leader and high-performing employee through talent management programs.

I like to continually develop my skills and stay at the forefront of emerging and disruptive technologies. I am passionate about the quality and integrity of my work, and of those who report to me. Dealing with complexity is a routine activity, and managing this within a focused strategic direction gives me a strong sense of accomplishment and job satisfaction.

If you would like a copy of my full resume, please visit my LinkedIn profile and send me a message.