Practical OAuth, OpenID and JWT in C# .NET Core

Practical OAuth, OpenID and JWT in C# .NET Core

I have published a Udemy course on Practical OAuth, OpenID and JWT in C# .NET Core which includes source code to get you up and running with the various OAuth and OpenID challenges you will face in an enterprise setting (and beyond!).

This should be available on one of the many Udemy promotion prices they offer. Let me know if you Enroll :)

OAuth (2.0), OpenID, and JWT pretty much go hand-in-hand with new web application development today. Especially for an enterprise setting where security controls are the top priority!

In this course, we will focus on the key understandings needed to put these technologies and standards into action.

We will build practical examples using .NET Core C# 5.0.

By the end of the course, we will have spanned both basic and complex integrations of Identity services.

Supporting a custom Identity provider in your application is a real bonus (if not a requirement) for Enterprise customers.

Many of the 3rd party services and tools used to implement authentication and authorization are easy to switch on with a few lines of code.

However, without this practical hands-on experience integration OAuth, OpenID, and JWT, Enterprise grown Identity Providers are often out of reach.